Throughout this year in ESGS, my biggest takeaway is that just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. Blaming your problems on youth isn’t a reliable excuse, adolescents can also start a business, talk to various adults, provide advice, and have many intriguing opinions. Let’s start my journey as an entrepreneur before this class even started. I have always been a natural leader, but public speaking and team work were never my strong suit. I would always dominate every project, never really opening my ears to hear my teammates’ thoughts and opinions. I recognized that this…

As a young entrepreneur, I believe that inorder to get any kind of change done you first need unity. Its important to find people who love what they do and are passionate about whatever issue they are facing. This will help join a group of individuals together into a team that can make innovative and sustainable solutions. I took both change maker quizzes and both results were very similar; I am a nurturer or caretaker. I believe my role in teams is to provide support and be the backbone of the group. I am almost always willing to help and…

For my three minute video, the areas i did good on was addressing my ikigai and utalizing logos and and ethos. i gave statistics for obesity rates in America, but children and adults, and was able to connect to one of my stakeholders who was a registered dietitian to help make a plan. Some things I can improve on is getting better visuals and expanding on why obesity is an important problem. Also I need to connect to more stakeholders like midpacifc parents and their kids, staff at midpacifc, and the sudexo manager.

black out poem: trust everyone slowly, sensing their feeling. when you achieve it the truth is met

An idea that i can see is the difference between how the US conducts themselves vs the rest of the world. As Paris was explaining, Chinese children are already two years ahead of American children by the time they are in first grade. Americans have always prioritized their “work ethic” but in reality, Chinese students are getting far more done in a littler amount of time. This fact takes away one of the US’s defining features and leaves only consumerism. If we continue…

Problem: Obesity in Hawaii

Knowledge: Nutritionist, comprehensive weight management program(Queens), ans Hawaii Initiative for chikdhood obesity researcg and education(Kapiolani)

Solution: Revamping Midpacifics school lunch program

Plan: My plan is to first gain as much knowledge on this topic as possible and contact my “tier 1” stakeholders. These immediate stakeholders, my friends and parents, will help me get other people’s opinion on the issue and spark interest. Next I will start contacting nutritionists and different weight management programs to collect information and facts. Once I have that solid base down I will move onto phase two: connecting with Sodexo to get…

If I were a superhero my community would be Oahu, Hawaii. Currently the island is being plagued with poverty and obesity issues. Luckily for them, Elizabeth Neufeldt is here! With my expertise and passion in nutrition, health, and fitness, I will lift them out of this low in order to have a true island paradise. But i cant do it alone, there are already multiple companies such as Lanakila Meals on Wheels, Aloha Harvest, etc that are tackling this problem. Using another superpower of mine, leadership and organization, I will unite us to face this issue head on.

I want to inspire the next generation to be critical thinkers.

Over the course of my life i have discovered that one area i excel in is organization. I love putting people and things in perfect neat rows and cleaning up the edges, allowing for a very pleasing, cohesive message. This aspect helps me take lead in projects, dividing up the different roles and tasks. I tend to work better when i have a clear picture in my mind with a definitive start and end. As much as i enjoy this aspect of my personality, it limits me by not accepting changes in our plan.

Elizabeth Neufeldt

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